Saturday, April 7, 2007

Surprise Surprise: Women and men see sexual harassment differently.

Apparently women and men tend to see sexual harassment differently. Men tended to see sexual harassment as an abuse of power, meaning sexual harassment was something people with power did. Women tended to see sexual harassment as an attempt to gain power.

"So if a man thinks that sexual harassment only comes from a supervisor, he may feel free to make sexual comments to a female coworker. The female coworker is likely to see the sexual comments as a quest for power and label it as sexual harassment."

Study shows: Leanest teens tend to eat the most.

A recent study found that amoung teens, the leanest ones tended to also eat the most and also burned the most energy.

Then another study finds that dieting actually may lead to long term weight gain! I think the message is clear, eat when you are hungry and lead an active lifestyle!