Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mental Illness test

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Mental Disorder Test

Picture the scene: You're sitting at home arguing with some dickhead on the internet who has the gall to disagree with you. Obviously the natural (and correct) inclination is to behave like a dick, because this is the internet after all. But then you have to think about what people might think about you. It's a drag, but you have to show at least a little bit of respect and consideration. You can't get away with it by claiming you have a disorder, like those fucking Aspies...

Until now! Just fill out this simple form and you'll have a 100% guaranteed internet-based diagnosis of your very own personality disorder! And don't worry, I know Asperger's is passé, so we'll hook you up with something a little more exotic. Hell, we might even throw in two or three for the price of one!

Do you find yourself quickly falling for someone
and then rapidly coming to hate or distrust them?
Are you close with anyone outside of your family?
Do you feel that you're more important than people realise?
Do you honour your obligations?
Do you feel that there's some deeper meaning or plan behind things that happen?
Do you often feel empty?
Are you safety-conscious?
Do you feel that people should treat you better than they do?
Do you go to extremes to be liked or avoid being abandoned?
Do you get into a lot of fights?
Do you enjoy a wide-range of activities?
Are you often tense or apprehensive or feel like people are out to get you?
In a group, do you prefer to be the leader or center of attention?
Do you feel you deserve more admiration than you get?
Do you ever try to injure or kill yourself?
Do you like to carefully plan ahead?
Do you prefer to do things alone?
Do you feel you know yourself pretty well?
Do you feel that you're inferior to most other
people or that most people look down on you?
Do you take advantage of people to get what you want?
Do you find yourself always going along with what others want?
Are you very concerned with being positively percieved?
Do you frequently break the law?
Are you emotionally expressive?
Do you often fantasize about having everything you ever dreamed of?
Do you often worry about being criticised?
Do you find yourself suddenly becoming irrationally irritable or anxious?
Do you lie a lot?
Do you laugh and cry a lot?
Do you keep anything you can just in case it comes in handy?
Do you often feel envious of others or feel that others are often envious of you?
Are you a workaholic?
Do you spend a lot of time making lists and schedules?
Are you stubborn or do you hold grudges?
Do you care if your actions hurt others?
Do you take every setback personally?
Do you avoid things you'd like to do because you're too nervous?
Do you insist on keeping very strictly to the rules?
Do you flirt a lot?
Are you free with your money?
Do you let other people make a lot of decisions for you?
Do you usually ask for advice before making any kind of decision?

This was shamelessly ripped off from Wallsy, due to facebook blocking getenjoyment.net links