Friday, March 2, 2007

Back to Texas.

Well, my advisor got a really good job offer from University of Texas at Arlington. He accepted and will be bringing the most of the research group with him, so it looks like I will be moving back to Texas.
I'll be getting an effective pay raise, because the cost of living is much lower there and I won't have to pay for my own health insurance.
With the extra money, I intend to get a car. Having a car again, will be so nice and convenient. I was thinking a light pickup, for the utility, but does anyone else have suggestions on a car? Remember my budget is somewhat limited.
Its a somewhat better research university than where I now am at, and its a public university so we should have more money at our disposal.

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NaƱa said...

Get a toyota! Oh yea! Hmmmm....they built a new truck plant thingy outside San Antonio so that might lower prices a tad. Also, there's! Yay! Have you looked there?